Dogan Gulcan
Software Engineer

About Me

Hi there! I'm a software engineer whose expertise is in Android development. Passionate about Clean Code and UX Design.

Currently working as an Android Engineer at Mapfit

I also love street photography and cycling.

Feel free to connect with me!

Recent Projects

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Paxira turns cycling tracking into a motivational game. Our mission is to motivate cyclists to ride more often, expand their network, and ultimately create a positive impact on health and environment.
Central Doctor Appointment System Android application for the Ministry of Health, Turkish Republic.
Where To Eat
Find the best places to eat anywhere you are! Let the Where to Eat app guide you to local foods, local restaurants, cafes nearby, and bars in your area. Read reviews, get exact directions get all the info you need, right there in your pocket!
TOTAL Oil Turkey
Android application of TOTAL, French multinational integrated oil and gas companies Turkey branch.